Job Description
A Bachelor’s or Higher Degree is the minimum entry required for the position

  • Skill Set: Automotive Foundation-1
  • Total Experience: 4.00 to 20.00 Years
  • No of Openings: 1
  • Job Post Date: 01/04/2024
  • Job Expiry Date: 29/06/2024
  • Domain: IT
  • Location: LISLE [United States]
  • Job Reference No: 995656

Job Summary

Job Description for Mahindra OnShore Engineering Support of RLDA for Tx Location   RLDA activities including the following: Bachelor’s degree in engineering. Need knowledge of a variety of physical testing, data analysis and validation. Manage internal and external teams in road load data acquisition using SoMAT eDAQ and various sensors (strain gages, accelerometers, LVDT, load cells). Need to available for 2nd shift and weekend work. Carry out fatigue analysis to assess the durability of components and calculate equivalent miles for different routes. Perform data analysis and validation projects to ensure product reliability and performance. Predict strain life in specific vehicle locations by tracking strain gauges.

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