Job Description
A Bachelor’s or Higher Degree is the minimum entry required for the position

  • Skill Set: Air and Hydraulic Brake Frame for commercial vehicle
  • Total Experience: 3.00 to 10.00 Years
  • No of Openings: 1
  • Job Post Date: 23/09/2022
  • Job Expiry Date: 23/10/2022
  • Domain: IT
  • Location: MUMBAI [India]
  • Job Reference No: 932552

Job Summary

1. Co o r dinate s the project. 2. Develop a product according to casting & machining allowances. 3. Responsible for component feasibility check in aspect of Tool Design. 4. Prepare De sign parameter sheet for analysis & trial. 5. Prepare shot model & runner ratio. 6. Prepare Lay out/ concept design of the Tool. Prepare 3D CAD data with the help of UG NX 12 8. Detailing Of the Tools. 9. B.O.M. Preparation. 10. Study SIR report of component after Trial & Take necessary steps against SIR report.

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