Job Description

3.00 to 40.00 Years
To assist in the preparation of plans, scripts, measures, and other items needed for testing while applying company and industry standards.

T Review requirements and provide inputs to Leads.

Build test cases, test data & ensure test environment is ready for timely test execution and quality delivery of projects/products.

Ensure peer reviews of test cases and all related artefacts and document review defects.

Execution of test cases as per requirements.

Track and log defects while ensuring that the test results are uploaded timely. Participate in analysis and support team in performing root cause analysis.

Provide regular updates to team leads for on time and quality delivery.

Create supporting documents and knowledge base from testing results for further reference. i) Design and develop testing automation and tools strategy to automate and execute testing earlier in the lifecycle and/or parallel with development of the application
ii) Provide guidance and direction to initial setup and ongoing maintenance of automated test case suite
iii) Perform proof of concepts, pilots and tool evaluations from vendors and/or internal teams to advance testing techniques
iv) Define tool strategy and identify business drivers that influences the application/testing tool architecture
v) Design testing tool architecture and provide technical support
i) Execute tests of new or revised system capabilities (manual and automated)
ii) Execute production validation testing, ongoing reliability testing (¿ORT¿) and sandbox testing
iii) Execute regression test cases (manual and automated)
iv) Execute end to end (¿ETE¿) test cases
v) Retest defects (defect fixes IST, production, ETE and performance testing)
vi) Perform shakeout testing
viii) Configure monitors to capture performance testing results for analysis ¿ may work with AT&T development client teams analysis