Job Description

3.00 to 40.00 Years
To manage and contribute towards project delivery and solution design. Analyse new requirements and provide effort estimation

Prepare, publish, agree and monitor the project activity and schedule. Perform change impact assessment, stakeholders management.

Create future state design independently for the Model Based Solution with pre-defined process artifacts. Contribute to Model Based Solution with new solution requirement/domain.

Contribute in creation of capability assets independently with pre-defined process assets in a known domain.

Assist in the sales management by Lead generation and independent follow up.

Perform process assessment/audit for a Model Based Solution with pre-defined process artifacts.

Participate and contribute in internal knowledge sharing sessions and independently contribute to Knowledge Repository. 1. Meet with AT&T business client to determine requirements End Use
2. Create the Systems Requirements and High Level design artifacts in support of ITUP
3. Perform special data analysis for the purpose of projects and consultations re what data is available in the various repositories
4. Perform Modeling as the documentation,
Review and provide input to the Business Requirements and Solution Approach