Job Description

3.00 to 7.00 Years
MUMBAI [India]
Ability to¿ Inspects hypothesis and conduct first hand analysis like clustering/descriptive  as part of data exploration¿ Perform statistical analysis  like predictive/prescriptive  analytics ¿ Find anomalies/outlier  in data with help of  statistical tools¿ Demonstrate strong business understanding and suggest suitable solution for various business scenariosKnowledge required¿ Statistics ¿ should have sound understanding of concepts like ¿ Causal analysis (multiple regression); probability and inference; factor analysis; time series analysis and Bayesian statistical analysis¿ Model performance calculation and evaluation¿ Have proficiency around model development on predictive analytics  with ¿ Linear/Logistic Regression analysis¿ Multivariate  analysis ¿ Time series forecasting¿ Classification Analysis using K Means or Naïve Bayes Technical Knowledge Required¿ Proficiency in open source tools such as  R / Python/Scala/¿ Should have written efficient programs with NumPi/SciPi/Pandas for data science initiatives