Job Description

7.00 to 14.00 Years
MUMBAI [India]
TO effectively manage service support operations  AND service delivery TO internal  AND external customers. Publish the RELEASE SCHEDULE based ON the pipeline,    track adhere TO it  AND plan the rotation OF resources accordingly. Lead services delivery AS committed TO internal  AND external customers. Take responsibility FOR client retention BY effectively managing expectations. Ensure that systems,    organization processes,    & unit practices adhere TO quality policies. Manage timely communication TO customer/management/team ON incidents,    escalations,    scope creep,    etc. Ensure completion performance appraisals  AND manage career plans FOR the team.Manage the operations of NOC which includes multiple operations like servers, network, database and application. Manage the shift for all the domains. Ensure scheduled tasks for all domains are completed. Ensure timely reporting. Lead the incidents till the closure and RCA submission