Job Description

5.00 to 10.00 Years
GLENDALE [United States]
Position:   Production Support Applications Developer   Oracle Documaker Description: Our main job in Documaker will be to manage the print streams (ins and outs), proof of mail, print vendor communication on a daily basis to make sure all channels are working properly. We do that with logs and other tools now in ODSE, but that will be the dashboards in the new ODEE. We have to find the place of fault, identify the inputs, and know whether it is a front end issue or a forms resource issue (fonts, conditional, inference, etc.). This is all back end. Then we work with either side to come to a resolution and address transactions and customer accounts in error. Duties and Responsibilities:1. Provide application support for the ODSE and ODEE systems include: Incident and Problem Management, Service Requests, Minor Enhancements, Performance Management, Application Monitoring, and on call after hour production support rotation.2. Provide triage and troubleshooting 3. Support build, dev/test environments, batch processing, real time processing, and batch process automation in conjunction with change management process4. Support front end business analysts in error resolution/questions related to document workflow and functionality5. Support Documaker business analysts in adding new business functionality to the document system as required The following skills and technologies shall be utilized in performing the duties: Required Skills:  End to end knowledge of ODSE and ODEE applications including XML integration to ODSE and ODEE; Documaker Studio/DAL scripting, working knowledge of COBOL (data access and XML integration) for troubleshooting/minor enhancements. Highly desirable experience working on integration of ODEE with Guidewire Insurance Suite; Familiarity with the Documaker Factory Dashboard Suite (a GUI tool that we are learning that makes the entire print production process for all documents, all applications, and lines of business visible and manageable. When an issue occurs, the dashboard will help us establish the fault point and the reason for the fault.)  and Documaker resources (e.g., fonts, sections, etc.), print vendors, proof of mail, batching Skills/Experience: DB/2, SQL Server, MS Office, XML, FTP, JIRA, JCL, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler, IBM Tivoli Output Manager, ImageRight, Web Services (Active MQ, Oracle WatchDog), Apache Tomcat, Batch Scripting, Beyond Compare, Citrix, Changeman. Work location:  Glendale, AZ (California Casualty)