Job Description

8.00 to 14.00 Years
NOIDA [India]
JD for SQL DBA-* Software installation/upgrades/patching/migration* Database advanced administration & troubleshooting* Backup, restore & recovery for database * Identify & fixing database performance bottlenecks* Data replication setup & troubleshooting* High Availability solutions & setup/troubleshooting* Multi skilling would be an added advantage (any other RDBMS)TO install, design, implement, upgrade AND optimize the performance OF DATABASE required TO operate software solutions. PREPARE AND maintain project plans TO ensure adherence TO corporate quality standards. Also, plan the deployment OF resources accordingly.VALIDATE AND approve ALL major planning. WORK WITH development teams TO modelAND design databases. Architect AND deploy cluster DATABASE setups AND servers. Manage escalations. Keep Delivery management informed BY regular MIS reports AND information ON deviations AND exceptions. Serve AS an SMEAND consultant FOR techniciansto adhere TO quality standards. Formulate AND monitor policies, procedures AND standards relating TO application & DATABASE management. Ensure creation, maintenanceAND audit OF appropriate documentation related TO DATABASE architecture.

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