Job Description

5.00 to 20.00 Years
TORONTO [Canada]
¿ Understand E2E implementation and architecture of products/apps in production to optimize and ensure efficiency ¿ Working closely with development, engineering and operation teams, jointly develop following key deliverables ensuring production scalability and stability ¿ Implement Monitoring tools to measure, monitor and report on Platform, Data availability, Utilization, Capacity trend, overall health metrics on the Hadoop Data platform ¿ Build frameworks to gather all deep system level metrics across platforms centrally as part of the control center ¿ Develop central dashboards for all System, Data, Utilization and availability metrics ¿ Able to help and Guide L2 support engineers to fix day to day Operational issues ¿ Perform Tuning and Increase Operational efficiency on a continuous basis ¿ Formulate methods to enable consistent Data loading and optimize Data operations ¿ Monitor health of the platforms and Generate Performance Reports and Monitor and provide continuous improvements ¿ Evaluate and introduce technology tools and processes that enable to develop products and solutions, to embrace business opportunities and/or improve operational efficiency ¿ Work directly with project development teams to enable successful project implementation ¿ Work with Architecture and Development teams to understand usage patterns and work load requirements of new projects in order to ensure the Hadoop platform can effectively meet performance requirements and service levels of applications ¿ Develop and enhance platform best practices and educate developers on best practices