Job Description

3.00 to 10.00 Years
DALLAS [United States]
Role:  MongoDB Enterprise Edition Administrator. ¿ Should be able to support the development, test and production MongoDB environments. ¿ Should be able to work on the implementation and maintenance of databases in compliance with application specifications and company policies, standards and procedures. ¿ Should be able to manage and maintain all production and non production databases. ¿ Should be able to actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience ¿ Should be able to Upgrade the MongoDB EE, Database Migrations and Updates and application of database patches ¿ Should be able to Backup and restores, Export and Import of Data to and From MongoDB EE, Run time configuration of MongoDB EE ¿ Should be able to Monitoring at Server, Database, Collection Level, and Various Monitoring Tools related to MongoDB EE¿ Should be able to Maintain standards and design of physical data storage, maintenance, access and security¿ Should be able to automate the deployments using Terrafarm