Job Description

5.00 to 10.00 Years
Scope for Consolidation and PlanningConsolidation¿ The current consolidation process of  will be built in SAP BPC ¿ Consolidation application.¿ Data Integration and loading data from SAP and Flat file sources (Ex: SAP ECC/Flat File ¿ BW ¿ BPC)¿ Automate the Balance Carry Forward functionality.¿ Build validations and other sanity checks required for consolidation and account transformations (reposting data) through business rules.¿ Develop Journals for manual adjustments at Entity/Group Level.¿ Automate Inter Unit Eliminations and Reporting.¿ Build modules for management & other reporting requirements ¿ Develop the required Input Templates for uploading Ownership Data, Exchange Rates and additional Financial Data (such as fixed assets schedules, forex gain/loss, Loans movement, movement of doubtful debts etc.), which is not directly available from Trial Balance. ¿ Develop the required Reports for Consolidation purpose as per law.¿ Standalone financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow statement with Notes and schedules) with Business area level break up as per PFRS. ¿ Consolidated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, cash flow statement with schedules, and Notes to Accounts as per PFRS.¿ Currency translation/ conversion of the local currency/ies of the subsidiaries to group currency using the rules as per PFRS defined in the system. ¿ Reconciliation reports for inter company eliminations, and other consolidation processes.¿ Enable multiple versions/category.¿ Work Status management and consolidation monitor for process control.¿ Creation of folder structure with agreed naming convention to store the working files.¿ Develop required Logics (script logics / Formulas etc).¿ Develop Business Process Flows (BPFs) to cater to Workflow requirements of Financial Consolidation.¿ Enable Audit Trail, Approval Process, Drilldown, Drill through Functionalities.¿ Installation and System Administration of SAP BPC 10.1 NW.¿ Develop the technical solution on the SAP BPC 10.1 NW platform for Legal and Management Consolidation purposes.¿ Align the solution to established Security and Authorization policy of client. ¿ Unit testing and Validation of the technical solution. ¿ Conduct Training to client as per ¿TRAIN the TRAINER¿ approach. ¿ Integration Testing and Support the User Acceptance Testing¿ Cutover and Final Preparation¿ Go Live and Extending Production Support to the solution