Job Description

3.00 to 11.00 Years
JAKARTA [Indonesia]
TO contribute TO a project ON a given technologyOR domainAND remain abreastWITH developments IN that technologyOR domain. Basis the expertise,  support the evaluation OF the impact OF technology ON existing technologyAND systems Be involved IN designing systems. Assess the effectiveness OF technology resources already IN useOR OF NEW systems that are being implemented. WORK ON the impact OF changesAND modification OF systems. Ensure the optimization,  validation,AND approval OF technology application TO customer products. Fully understand ALL relevant customer technical requirements,  processes,  procedures,  limitationsAND CONSTRAINTS AS well AS TechM¿s technology,  resources,  capabilities,  limitationsAND constraints. WORKWITH the project team TO identifyAND harness technical resourcesAND capabilities required TO deliver productionAND quality metrics AS defined BY customers Guide technical team through project implementation phase. Perform ALL activities related TO maintaining successful knowledge management including re usage,  accuracyAND efficiency. Promote team WORK,  motivate,  mentorAND develop subordinates. Provide application production support AS per process                                                          /RACI (Responsible, Accountable, ConsultedAND Informed) Matrix.