Job Description

5.00 to 8.00 Years
Job description for RCS Carrier Engineer:¿ Very good communication skills in English (both written and speaking)¿ Ability to liaise between Client partners and Clients in a professional and empathetic way (where necessary)¿ Willing to work in 24x7 Operations environment and with operational rigor.¿ Proficient in GSMA RCS Terminologies.¿ Experience with testing and triaging bugs related to multiple device manufacturers (OEMs) to facilitate Android Messages.¿ Strong knowledge in Android Messages, Dialer, and Contacts ¿ Experience in troubleshooting technical issues including capture and analysis of android client application logs.¿ Ability to troubleshoot bug and different types of crash reports.¿ Strong knowledge in 'adb shell' to capture logs and install/upgrade/downgrade different versions of Android Messages.¿ Android Flash station to install/upgrade/downgrade different versions of Android OS.¿ Experience to debug messaging flow in client and server logs (via packet captures and android client logs)¿ Proficient in troubleshooting 4G LTE VoLTE, IMAS, Hydrogen etc.. telecom network components¿ Ability to troubleshoot Carrier issues in a planned and systemic approach to isolate the bugs between Carrier and Client modules.¿ Should have good understanding on (RCS) integrations with GSM strong knowledge on SMS and MMS technologies.¿ Should have strong knowledge on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network·¿ Troubleshoot aggregator issues such as connection outages, bind errors, message delivery issues.¿ Troubleshoot country level, carrier level message delivery issues both at client & serves(cloud) and debug log analysis of android client¿ Timely resolution of issues raised with Internal clients   message delivery, delivery latency, blocks, etc.