Job Description

3.00 to 9.00 Years
BANGKOK [Thailand]
¿ 8+ years of overall experience in development projects¿ Perform below tasks by the instruction of java team leaders o Develop and maintain java applications in the middle tier layer with selected frameworks o Implement set of services and APIs o Build highly complex user interface applications and back end databases using expert level skills in various web development tools, programming languages and scripting languages ¿ Demonstrate experience in the following areaso Micro services development   backend o Mobile apps   front end o React JS   front endo Java, sprint, Node, Atlassian suite of tools, Jenkins orchestrationo Kafka  basic knowledge¿ Follow the security and data protection as required by the guidelines ¿ Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability ¿ Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and advise solutions to these problems ¿ Maintain a consistent, high quality, organization, and automation ¿ Generate the detailed technical document for developed program¿ Able to design, develop, and maintain java application to support business requirements¿ Able to address non functional requirements (performance, security, scalability, continuous integration, migration and compatibility) and build the application accordingly.¿ Able to support production incidents ¿ identify the root cause and suggest solution¿ Able to provide technical documents¿ Able to follow the standard development procedures/ practices ¿ SDLC, agile¿ Ability to work with cross functional teams¿ Excellent problem solving skills, process implementation skills