Attention Tech Mahindra Job Aspirants & Applicants

There have been an increasing number of ‘fake job’ reports wherein fraudsters have reached out to unsuspecting   job aspirants and made fake job offers in the name of Tech Mahindra Ltd. This is an   instance of identity theft &   ‘reputation damage’.

We would like to state that Tech Mahindra does not resort to such means of recruitment. Any job offer made in   the name of Tech Mahindra on the condition that the candidates make a payment to a specified bank account or   in cash should be construed as a ‘Fake Offer’. Tech Mahindra Ltd will not be liable for any kind of loss incurred or   damage suffered as a result of individuals dealing with such corrupt entities.

Tech Mahindra is committed to high ethical standards of operation. We have a zero tolerance policy to any issues   that misrepresent our value systems or cause damage to our reputation. Please note that Tech Mahindra does not   charge any fee or collect any deposit from candidates for any jobs and our hiring is purely based on principles of   meritocracy and relevance.

We urge all candidates who are approached by third parties demanding cash payments for jobs at Tech Mahindra to immediately report the matter to us at or to the local law enforcement authorities.

Special features of the system generated Offer Letters:
  • All TechMahindra system generated IT offer letters are digitally signed to authenticate the identity of the sender and to ensure that the original content of the message or document is unchanged.

  • TechMahindra offer letters have an incorporated QR code which directs the Job Applicant to the Tech Mahindra career website.


The Job Applicant can follow the below steps-

  • Job Applicant should have a QR-code app and a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera.

  • When the app has recognized the QR code, it will direct the Job Applicant to the

  • Enter the Captcha code for first level verification.

  • On successful verification of the Captcha code QR app displays the information of the offered candidate such as Candidate applicant ID, Name and Email ID.

Note: Sometimes the Offer Letter may not have the Digital Signature or QR code due to some technical issues. For any further clarity communicate at

Some precautions/indicators:

  • If the email/Offer Letter originates from a public or free domain and not from the authorized domain, it is fake.
  • We do not ask prospective job applicants to deposit cash in any form in any bank accounts.
  • We do not ask for money in exchange for guaranteed employment, there is no charge for any training purposes.
  • If the contact person asks for personal details such as bank account, credit card number etc. do not trust and share the details.
  • If the email/ Offer Letter begins with "Dear Sir" or "Dear User", the sender of the email does not know you by name. A legitimate source will address you with a proper salutation, which contains your last name.
  • If the email/ Offer Letter contains several grammatical errors in the text. This would usually not happen in an email from a legitimate company.
  • For campus hiring, in case of doubt, please contact your Placement Officer who can provide email id of campus recruiters with whom you can get in touch to verify.
  • If the interviewing panel does not have a Tech Mahindra ID Card, do not trust.
  • Do not trust the calls from telephone numbers or just the mail ID of the company because these can be generated by unethical means.

If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent offers, connect with us with full details and “FAKE HIRING” written in the subject line.