Job Description

A Bachelor’s or Higher Degree is the minimum entry required for the position

  • Skill Set : Data Networks Basics
  • Total Experience : 3.00 to 6.00 Years
  • No of Openings : 5
  • Job Post Date : 15/09/2023
  • Job Expiry Date : 25/10/2023
  • Domain : IT
  • Location : PUNE [India]
  • Job Reference No : 974683

Job Summary

TO perform wide range OF evaluation, maintenance, installation AND training tasks AND provide support AND information ON network configuration. Support IN capturing requirements OF clients. Support network design /planning, Network Vision drawings AND documentation. Support the network optimization process AND documentation. Support IN capture, analysis AND presentation OF network statistics AND comparing WITH industry standards. Configuring LAN/WAN network element, provisioning OF Network Circuits, Network elements, CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment¿s) AND activation OF network service. Also, WORK ON MACD (Move, ADD, Change AND DELETE) cases. Proactively monitor alarms BY logging IN TO network elements such AS switches, routers AND / OR BY monitoring through network element managers. Participate IN periodic network audit activities. Verify AND CHECK network elements AS per inventory. Ensure quality IS maintained AND process adherence AS per guidelines. Ensure ON TIME resolution TO the issues reported, IF any. Provide status UPDATE OF projects, configurations, tickets AND change requests being handled.

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