Job Description

A Bachelor’s or Higher Degree is the minimum entry required for the position

  • Skill Set : ab initio-1
  • Total Experience : 8.00 to 16.00 Years
  • No of Openings : 1
  • Job Post Date : 21/06/2024
  • Job Expiry Date : 30/09/2024
  • Domain : IT
  • Location : PUNE [India]
  • Job Reference No : 1005254

Job Summary

Role:  Data Consultant / Data Architect Band: P1   Job Overview: We are seeking a skilled Data Consultant/ Data Architect to design and manage the enterprise data architecture, ensuring the efficient and secure handling of data across the organization. The ideal candidate will possess extensive experience in data modelling, database design, and data management practices. Responsibilities:   Data Architecture Design: Develop and maintain the data architecture, including data models, data flow diagrams, and database schemas. Design and implement data integration frameworks, ensuring data consistency and reliability. Be familiar with Data modelling concepts (SCD's, normalisation, star) Database Management: Oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise databases. Ensure the scalability, security, and performance of database systems. Data Governance: Establish and enforce data governance policies and procedures.  Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and industry standards. Data Strategy: Define and implement data strategy aligned with organizational goals. Collaborate with stakeholders to understand data requirements and translate them into effective data solutions. ETL Processes: Design and manage Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes for data migration and integration. Ensure the accuracy and integrity of data throughout the ETL process. Big Data Technologies: Implement and manage big data solutions, including data lakes and data warehouses. Leverage big data tools and technologies to support advanced analytics. Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to understand data needs. Communicate data architecture strategies and solutions to technical and non-technical audiences. Work with and communicate effectively with business and IT stakeholders/SMEs to understand context behind tickets Document according to given standards, Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with emerging data technologies and industry trends. Continuously improve data architecture and data management practices.    

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